Unsure what your Office Prints each Month?

Unsure how much your office prints?

You're not alone.
90% of businesses don’t know how many printers they have or how much they spend on print.

Print is typically the third highest business operating expense.

Without accurate data that relates to print activity and the associated costs, there is no real way of making educated decisions that will help you to develop and improve printing within your business. 

Print Management Software

Yes, the easiest way to reduce your printing costs, is to monitor it. It sounds simple, but what we see when an organisation notifies its staff they are monitoring their print volumes, is an automatic reduction of 10%, and this is without using any software.

Print Management software, like FollowMe Print or PaperCut, can help you better understand and manage your print volumes and associated costs, by helping you to track and monitor print activity. Although these technologies are great, they do come at a cost. These costs include, enable your print devices, the licencing of the software, and ongoing support related to the maintenance.

How can we Track our Print - With little cost?

Gippsland Business Machines recognises that small to medium sized businesses want to know how much their organisation prints, but are unfamiliar where to start.

Assuming your organisation is under a monthly service agreement, start by grabbing your latest bill. This bill should have your Copier's Current meter Read. If your bill doesn't state your current meter read, ask your current print provider to itemise it. As a Managed Print Provider, we take this Current Meter Read and subtract your previous Meter Read to determine how much work the machine has done this month.

Repeat this process for a few months, to determine an accurate average volume. It's that simple.

Download our Print Calculator and Interactive Dashboard.

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