Increase your Image Resolution in 12 Seconds!!

Many Print jobs look great…and sadly, many don’t. The Culprit… Image Resolution. 


The number one place to find anything is Google. And when it comes to Images, we are no different.


We Google it.


Well, I’m going to show how to increase your Image Resolution.

From this...

to this.

In 12 seconds or maybe less. I haven’t actually timed it. Here go.

1. Download your favourite image from Google. I like paper, so I’ll search that.

Business presentation is growing in importance. From Invoices, Company Reports, Quotations through to your social media posts. So, what are you doing about improving your “image” quality.


If you’re struggling with finding the right images for your business, call.


We are more than happy to assist with royalty free websites, and local professionals who could personalise images for you and your business. 


Make your Print something to remember! 

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