I have Lines on my Print Jobs?

Firstly, ensure the lines are being produced when Printing and Copying. If they appear when Copying or Scanning only, refer to Black Lines on Copy and Scan Jobs below. Secondly, check to see if your machine has a plastic ‘Wand” in the drop down door where the toners belong. Once the ‘wand’ is taken out, remove the white plastic cap covering a piece of form. With the form facing downwards, insert the ‘wand’ into the area highlighted with green arrows. The wand should enter freely through this hole. Clean all 4 access points. Finally, place ‘wand’ back into its resting position, close the machine and Test. If the wand gets stuck or is resistant to slide in an out, or after the cleaning process the lines still occur please Contact Gippsland Business Machines. 1300 441 911