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Yes, you can. You can register with Close the Loop, a Free to Register recycling service. We don’t recommend placing the Empty Cartridges in your normal recycling bin as they have a small amount of residual toner remaining inside. This plastic powder is not recyclable.

Yes, however they need to be Laser Compatible Labels. You also need to ensure that you have altered the Paper Source to Bypass and the Paper Type is Thick 2 or Higher.

 On a Toshiba MFP there is typically a “COUNTER” button above the ‘3’ on the keypad, you then have the option to print or just to view the counters on the screen. A Ricoh’s counter is accessed by entering the “123” or “User Function” key, then selecting “Counter”. If you are unable to find the counter please don’t hesitate to contact one of friendly team members.

Check with your Network Administrators or IT Support Team to see whether any updates or work has been performed. A common issue is when you change Internet Service Providers or replace a Router. Alternative, Call Gippsland Business Machines to request Remote Support.

Firstly, ensure the Blue Ethernet Cable at the back of the machine is connected at both ends, and you have Blinking lights where this Cable connects to the machine. Secondly, contact your network administrator to ensure there is no outage of mail server issues. Finally, give Gippsland Business Machines a Call and we can aim to adjust your Email Settings. Please ensure we can have Administration Rights to your network.

Check with your Network Administrators or IT Support Team to see whether any updates or work has been performed. A common issue is when you change Internet Service Providers or replace a Router. Alternative, Call Gippsland Business Machines to request Remote Support.

Firstly, ensure the Fax cable (typically brown colour) is connected at both ends. Secondly, try Phoning the Fax number from a Normal Handset. You should hear a ‘Screeching Fax’ tone after a few rings. If this sound doesn’t occur there is potential an issue with the Fax Line not the machine. You can test the line by Faxing 1300 368 999 or 03 9640 0999, you should receive a Telstra Title Return Fax. There have been issues in the past where they do not respond.

It is best at this stage to Call Gippsland Business Machines. If the machine at the stage has a Service Call and is also asking to be Rebooted, please do so. These Service Calls typically found in the top right of the screen and have a Single Letter followed by a three-digit number. This Error code highlights to our Technicians where the particular issue is occurring in the Machine.

This is a very common issue, which can be fixed relatively quickly. Lift the lid of the Machine as though you are going to make a copy from the Main Copy glass. To the direct left of the Main Glass, there is a skinny piece of glass running parallel, known as the Slit Glass. With a clean soft cloth, clean this strip of glass. Typically, as paper passes this Slit Glass it leaves residue, such as white out or tape on this glass causing lines. If the problem persists, add alcohol or glass cleaner to cloth, clean and test again. For extremely suborn and hard to see “spots”, align the print out with the line on the main glass, this will highlight on the slit glass the “spot”.

When a Paper Jam occurs the machine highlights on the screen the processes to be taken to clear the Jam. When following these steps, ensure you proceed check ALL of the requested steps. Missing just one step i.e. to open and close a particular door, will not reset the machine, even after rebooting. If the Jam cannot be cleared or reset, an Error code will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen, please provide this to one of friendly staff.

Firstly, ensure you have a spare Toner. If you are connected to our Monitoring Software, you will have a spare Toner awaiting. If you however are not on our Monitoring Software, you will need to either call us or send us an email. If you wish to be connected to our Monitoring Software to save the hassle, please give us a call. 1300 441 911

Firstly, ensure the lines are being produced when Printing and Copying. If they appear when Copying or Scanning only, refer to Black Lines on Copy and Scan Jobs below. Secondly, check to see if your machine has a plastic ‘Wand” in the drop down door where the toners belong. Once the ‘wand’ is taken out, remove the white plastic cap covering a piece of form. With the form facing downwards, insert the ‘wand’ into the area highlighted with green arrows. The wand should enter freely through this hole. Clean all 4 access points. Finally, place ‘wand’ back into its resting position, close the machine and Test. If the wand gets stuck or is resistant to slide in an out, or after the cleaning process the lines still occur please Contact Gippsland Business Machines. 1300 441 911

Copiers perform their function by creating an image on a piece of paper. This image is produced by applying powdered toner onto the page, then melting it onto the page with hot rollers. This melting process is called ‘Fusing’. Running a large print job will result in a build up to ‘Hot’ paper whilst existing the machine, this is normal. The machine runs at temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius. If the machine was to run to Hot, then the 2 thermal fuses would blow and cause a Service Call Error Code, disabling the machine. If this was to happen call us, otherwise, the ‘Hot’ paper is very normal.

Firstly, ensure paper is stacked correctly in the tray, and the paper guides are correctly positioned at the paper’s edge. Restack the paper as a per caution. Secondly, ensure the machine settings are the same as the paper in the drawer, as well as ensure the Computer settings are the same on the Copier. If using a Large Capacity Tray (two stacks of paper) ensure the left stack is to the far left and the right to the right.

Ensure the Paper Type matches the type you are trying to Print on. Plain Paper = 52-90gsm; Thick 1 = 91-216gsm; Thick 2 = 217-256; Thick 3 = 250-300gsm. If is continues to Rub off after matching the GSM to Paper Type, go up to the next Paper Type Setting. Otherwise call GBM 1300 441 911

You should place the full toner bag in the unused plastic bag that comes with the replacement toner bag. The instruction in box instructs you on how to safely remove and seal the waste toner bag. Once sealed and place the provided plastic bag, place in the General Waste Rubbish Bin, these are NOT recyclable.

We Service every Machine that we Offer a Service Agreement For: The Agreement Covers: > Toner > Drums > Labour >Travel >Parts. Please note we don’t cover Paper or Staples.

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