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Do you qualify for our ‘Trade-In-Sale’?


Do you own one of the below mentioned machines?

If so, you qualify for our $100 Cash Back when you trade in and upgrade to the new Toshiba e-STUDIO 2000AC or the e-STUDIO 2505AC

B2520 e-STUDIO 160
B2540 e-STUDIO 163
B410DN e-STUDIO 166
B430DN e-STUDIO 167
B440DN e-STUDIO 200
B6500N e-STUDIO 206
B730DN e-STUDIO 207
C110DN e-STUDIO 230
C3300N e-STUDIO 232
C3400N e-STUDIO 250
C3530 e-STUDIO 282
MB470 e-STUDIO 2500C
MB471 e-STUDIO 3500C
MC160 e-STUDIO 281C
MC361 e-STUDIO 351C


Contact Jason for more details…