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Toshiba B-EX4D2

  • High quality and efficiency.
  • Attractive running costs due to direct thermal technology.
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to snap-in print head replacement.

The B-EX4D2 combines high speed printing and advanced processing power (for fast output), with easy maintenance, emulation capabilities and a whole range of green credentials. Wrapped up in a ruggedised robust metal anti-static casing, it is ideally suited to direct thermal printing applications. Expect a lowering of the total cost of ownership over the life of the printer, with no reduction in performance or quality.


The B-EX4D2 series is designed to seamlessly replace competitor products, using Z-Mode emulation to integrate into legacy software systems. Flat-head technology, left justified media and the use of inside and outside wound ribbons allows for replacement of ageing and costly to operate legacy printing estates.

Performance without the cost

With speeds of up to 12ips, the 4 inch B-EX4D2 range is designed for demanding industrial printing. Advanced processing power ensures not only fast output, but also efficient throughput.

Ease of maintenance

Snap-in print heads and field upgradeable options, the B-EX4D2 series continues to lower maintenance costs.

Protecting the environment

Green credentials include the coveted Energy Star programme and a solvent-free ribbon, as well as delivering ‘Carbon Zero’ printing. All this, combined with the lowest power consumption in the marketplace.



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Printhead Flay-type
Dimensions 310(H) x 278(W) x 460(D) mm
Interface USB2.0 & Ethernet as standard
Optional Interface Parallel, Wireless LAN, RS-232C, RTC & USB host and Expansion I/O
Network Tool SNMP
Method Direct thermal
Print Width 104 mm
Max. Print Speed Upto 12 ips (304 mm/sec)
Resolution 203dpi
Font Bitmap and outline
Barcode Includes GS1 DataBar (RSS) compatibles
Paper Width 114 mm
Paper Alignment Left
Paper Roll Diameter 200 mm
Additional Items cutter module, peel off & internal rewinder